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Escalated Case; Case Number 47294884 Regarding Case 47145321

January 24th, 2023

So someone at USPS said they attempted to contact me, which is just another lie. Case number 47145321 opened by Khaliah on 1/19/2023 on p/up request WEC494997628.

The new escalated case is 47294884. I kind of feel like this circle is protecting one another and just covering their own fellow co-workers behinds rather than really making an effort to even hear my side of the story and seeing how that makes sense with USPS business.

Lets see where this one goes, I have to make call to Ms. Warner reference to case 47146749 which is still showing open.

1/26/2023 – I Spoke with Brianna today on this case – 47294884. She reached out to the Sparta postmaster and has received the same info, that without a mailbox, in the designated area, he would not be picking up my USPS packages. I do now understand the organizational chart a little better. The consumer side with the CSRs are the go between the post office personnel and really don’t have any authority. They help customers understand why things happened and reach out on behalf to the local Postmasters to resolve staff issues etc. So, the poor CSR’s really are the filter for the actual post offices, their staff and Postmaster. So, I am at a standstill as I told her that I had asked Ms. Warner on case 47146749 to reach out to the Postmaster to identify where in the POM he was referring to when making his final determination so I would have an idea of where to start researching before starting down the path of reaching out to the USPS office of the Inspector General. I told Brianna that Ms. Warner had probably not heard back from. I knew the case had to be closed the day I spoke with her. Brianna said that she would escalate this to her supervisor to see if she knew what in the POM the Sparta Postmaster was using to come to his determination and that she would follow up with me tomorrow. Just another wonderful CSR from the post office!

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