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Monday 1/23/23 Package Pickup Request for Tuesday 1/24/23 WEC495928106

January 23rd, 2023

So far today, I have 4 packages for pickup. 1 x Priority Mail, 1 x First Class, Insured, 2 x Albums/LP’s one of which is insured. I will update this post at the end of the day with the final relevant information and the relevant package pickup request confirmation.

So the day ended with just the four packages with an order value of $352.00

I submitted a package pickup request for these four packages. I had another 3 orders come in overnight with an order value of $67.50 that I will add to this grouping. If the route carrier does not arrive by 3:30 today, will need to drive them over to the post office as they two of these will need to go out today!

These are the initial four packages. When I complete packaging on the additional 4 orders I will take a photo for them to be added.

Added another 4 packages totaling an additional $232.50 in product. I went ahead at 3:30 and drove these over to the Glade Valley Post Office as I have not heard anything from anyone at that point.

1/26/2023 This is the final outcome on this pickup request – as expected. I have not put in any additional requests after speaking with Kim as they are doing nothing but creating work for the poor CSR’s in the Advocacy department.

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