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Phone Call to Greensboro Consumer Affairs for the USPS

January 20th, 2023

1/20/2023; I called the number provided to me by Khaliah at USPS. I spoke with a very nice young woman who asked for my name and case number. I provided her the most recent case number assigned to me which is 47146749  I did not get her name because she was not the agent in charge of my case. My case has been assigned to Ms. Warner, and she put in a message for me that I called with a note requesting she call me back. Her direct number was provided to me which is for my reference; 336-668-1339. I hope to hear back from her today, but if not, I understand as they are probably busy and have an order in which they process cases.

I’ll update this post with any relevant information that comes as a result of my communications with the Greensboro Consumer Affairs office of USPS.

1/23/23 – 2:05PM left a voicemail message for Ms. Warner using phone number 336-668-1339.

1/24/23 – 10:50AM approx left another voicemail for Ms. Warner using phone number 336-668-1339.

1/24/23 – 1:47PM phone call ended approx with Ms. Warner. Went through the entire situation in an overview concept from start to finish. She said she was going to call the Postmaster in Sparta and would call me back with the details related to the case outcome. She was very nice, and patient.

1/24/23 – 4:45ish PM Spoke with Ms. Warner, she spoke with the Postmaster and he will not budge off the mailbox at the end of the road requirement and according to Ms. Warner, as the Postmaster he has the final say. I can go above his head to the Postmaster Generals office in an effort to apply pressure to him, but outside of that, not a lot they can do at the consumer affairs office. I asked her to reach out to him to identify what part of the Postal Operations Manual he is using to justify his position given I have been told by two USPS CSR’s that I do not need to have a mailbox for package pickup. She is going to reach out to him tomorrow to identify the section which should give me a point of direction to go on with regards to this issue.

1/26/2023 – Ms Warner called me back today. She let me know she did have to close the original case we were working on. She advised me that she just wanted to reach out to me to let me know she never did hear back from the Sparta Postmaster about what section in the POM he was using to make his final determination. I really did appreciate her call back! I figured she did not hear from him and she, like really all the advocates and CSR’s I’ve actually spoken with, went above and beyond what she needed to do for me. I really do have to commend whoever is in charge of this operational aspect of USPS.

On a related note, the USPS CSR Chenica said this case – 47146749 – is scheduled to be resolved today. Hence my ongoing attempts to communicate with Ms. Warner so I can get some communication in with the Advocacy department – which I have yet to have the opportunity to do. I will try her back after lunch time.

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