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One More Step In-Between Before Reaching out to the Office of the Postmaster General

January 26th, 2023

So, I am going to take some time this weekend, and if needed, into next week to review the current Postal Operations Manual and some other relevant documents I have acquired to see what the exceptions are, who can make exceptions and what may constitute an acceptable exception policy change to standard POM policy. As I have noted from my communications with Brianna and Ms. Warner, thus far the Sparta Postmaster has not provided the relevant POM data being used to enforce his decision. From a cursory look, there are actually exceptions to the current USPS mailbox policy, and perhaps I’m not suppose to see that.  I suppose one the benefits of being self-employed, is the fact you can carve out large swaths of time to research stuff and put together facts that can facilitate moving things forward.

My goal is to make some notes on this using the actual POM and put together some valid reasons to justify an exception. After some persistence, and digging, I plan to reach out to the Sparta Postmasters actual supervisor. Ms. Baldwin. I will probably get her receptionist, Ms. Mosie, but I think if I have an opportunity to provide relevant POM data, tied to the business benefit for USPS, she has the authority to override the local Sparta Postmaster on this issue. I’m not sure she will. Given the deception already experienced at the hands of the Sparta Postmaster, I am not sure if his supervisor has any details related to my issue. If she does, then that decision has already been made and I can move forward. If I can advocate for myself with his supervisor, maybe I can change her mind, or if she is not aware, convince her it is a good  policy decision.  Anyway, I’m hoping I can get her email to give her an overview of my present situation, and a request for a phone call with her to talk through any questions she might have. I have all ideas her time is quite valuable at her level of responsibilities!

Let’s see where this goes 🙂

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