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3rd Package Pickup Request for 1-18-2023

January 17th, 2023

So, I have 2 packages I have requested pickup for scheduling on the 18th of January. Both are priority mail, approximate value of the shipments is $185.00. As you can see from the confirmation, my address is an approved pickup location. I have blacked out the address for obvious reasons.

Mail pickup request number is Confirmation #: WEC494737144


As an update, I had two orders come in last night. I can’t update the pickup request but have added a priority mail package and another LP order totaling about $115.00 in additional product going out. Due to shipping requiring packages to ship out two days from time of order, I can’t hold the orders for another pickup request tomorrow given the history that USPS has of not coming up to pick up the orders.

New stack awaiting pickup….

Update 1/18/2023 – Route carrier never came and picked up these packages. Because there were 3 priority mail packages, I went ahead and drove over to the post office in Glade Valley to drop them off so they would not be late on delivery. I just can’t have my eBay rating impacted due to USPS not showing up.

Tomorrow I will open a new case for this pickup request. I have a feeling here shortly they are going to stop letting me open cases.

1/19/2023 – Called USPS at 3:40PM. Speaking with Khaliah. As I suspected, I cannot file another report because the last report on the 9 packages is still open. This means I cannot file a report on the package that is suppose to be picked up today.

Good news, as the conversation continued, Khaliah determined that this needed escalated and created another case number 47146749 that includes this pickup request and pickup request WEC494997628 for the package that was not picked up today. Khaliah said she put in some solid communication for me that outlined some of the issues I am facing when it comes to the Sparta Post Master. I explained about my needing to document what is taking place before I go into the consumer affairs direction due to the fact I would also be reaching out to the office of the postmaster general. I need to show that it is not just a few pickups we’re talking about with my business and she got that. She asked hard questions, was fair in the conversation, was patient and listened to my dilemma providing good feedback.

I have got to say it again, this is at least the 4th or 5th USPS customer service rep I have spoken with, all have been super nice, all made me feel like I was a valuable customer to USPS, regardless of how the outcome of a case came out. Kudo’s to whoever is in charge of this area!

Here is to hoping as I have not heard anything related to the service request report number 47051688, which could be a good thing, or bad thing.

I received this service request also, so I am thinking that Khaliah may have escalated a different service request further up the food chain…. I think we may now be cooking with butter!

Update: 1/24/2023 – I received a survey from USPS on this case number so I am assuming this case was closed. I never heard anything back so I am on the phone on hold to speak with someone at USPS to find out what was done on this particular case. I spoke with Chenica. She said the case was closed as resolved; she said the case notes say they attempted to contact me – which they did not, the notes show “I do not have a mailbox at road. Instructed to install one. Once installed package pickup will begin.” She has escalated this case, and the case number for the escalated case is 472194884.


Well, 1/20/23, this morning I received the following email;


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