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2nd Package Pickup Request Outcome

January 12th, 2023

So, on 1/12/2023 I received an email regarding 1 of the 3 package pickup requests I submitted to USPS;

Confirmation #: WEC493286652
Confirmation #: WEC493316084
Confirmation #: WEC493362482

“This email confirms USPS attempted a Package Pickup Important! This email confirms a Package Pickup was made or attempted; however, there was a discrepancy reported by the carrier. Please reference the Package Pickup Notification the carrier left”

Which is to say, the carrier never came up to my office building to attempt to actually pickup the packages I had that needed to go out. I have left off, on the screen shot, the address information for security reasons.

What a petty little bunch at that post office. Off we go to file a report on these 9 packages.

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