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Vacation Update 1-17-23

January 17th, 2023

So wife and I went out of town for the weekend to the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains. Great time! Left on Friday, I had two orders from Thursday evening that needed to go out and requesting a pickup was not an option given the track record of USPS here in Sparta. I just couldn’t have those two packages sitting around for 4 days knowing they would not bother to do the job of picking them up…. so we dropped those off on the way out of town, was in a rush so didn’t document shipment.

Naturally, my eBay (I allowed orders) and Etsy (Does not allow orders) stores were in vacation mode just because I hate setting unreasonable expectations for customers. Had 3 LP orders come in while out of town, we arrived back on Monday, so I took a 40 minute round trip drive to the Glade Valley post office to drop them off. This order bundle is 85.00 and I insured two of them so bonus money for the ol’postal boys.

I had mail I needed to pick up from my post office box, so it all worked out, otherwise they would be part of todays package pickup request.


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