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2nd Package Pickup Request – A New Strategy

January 11th, 2023

So after my experience with the 1st package pickup request, I am trying a new strategy. Given my location is an approved package pickup location with USPS, I have set the package pickup to be on my front porch, where there are security cameras. I ended up having to send 3 package pickup requests with one having to be edited to add packages because every time I thought I was done, at the end of the day, another order came in. It’s a learning process for me on how to use this system efficiently….

My pickup requests were all submitted on the 10th and incorporate the pickup of priority mail, media and 1st class packages.

My USPS confirmation numbers for pickup are:

There are a total of 9 packages that include orders from my shop in Etsy and Ebay with a total product value for the day of $662.00 now sitting n my porch awaiting attention from USPS.

I have not done my books, so I cannot say the shipping costs, but naturally some are insured and require signature.

I will make a point here, given this is my first grouping of packages since starting my written as it happens communication, this grouping is an example of why putting packages out of view at the end of a gravel road is dangerous for my business. I have to make sure these go out today – so frankly, if they do not pick up the packages, I am going to be very upset as delivery times are important and will be impacted.

So….lets see if the route carrier picks up my packages, and what his response will be should he not come up to pick them up.

Update: 4:46pm on 1/11/2023 – Packages are still on the porch and does not look like the route driver is coming up. I expected as much given his route in this area is usually done somewhere around noon time. I will of course, have to open a support ticket with USPS on these requests, but I am awaiting the outcome of another open case that I have not written about yet as I am suppose to receive communication from them within 3 to 4 days from the case opening which was, I believe, this past Friday.


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