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Mail Box Photographs

January 20th, 2023

So, I know this seems a bit menial, but when I originally put up my mailbox, I used this mailbox, purchased from Lowes, outside of my office;


After the Sparta NC Postmaster came up in the first part of November, and we came to an agreement about package pickup’s/delivery, I traveled down to Lowes again, to purchase a Centennial post mount mailbox, extra large, because they showed it in stock and it was wide enough and deep enough to allow me to put the majority of my regular parcels and my media mail (record albums) in without issue. Unfortunately Lowes did not have this in stock – they had one and it was the display which could not be sold. Needless to say, I had to order this online, it was purchased Nov 25th 2022 and it took a little time for it to arrive and it took a little more time for me to figure out how to mount it to the existing post.

Had the Postmaster for Sparta said anything other than, yes I will pick up your packages (and he did say he would stop returning them and have them delivered) I would not have spent the money on this stupid higher end package mailbox.

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