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1/19/2023 – A sad day on the sales Front!

January 19th, 2023

1 sale today on a best offer on eBay. Unfortunately, the buyer has not paid, which is always a concern with higher dollar merchandise. Todays sale was $1000.00. We’ll see if it comes through tomorrow with payment or over the weekend. So, no package pickup request for USPS today needed.


Update 1/20/2023

Buyer actually paid for the purchase. I have it packaged up and ready to go, unfortunately, with the package pick-up issue with Sparta, I cannot submit a package pickup request for this item as it needs to go out by tomorrows mail and on an order this large, I just can’t wait for them to not show up again. This insert is to simply document the package that would have normally had a pickup request sent in on it for today.


I increased my product listings on Etsy for sale today from a little over 400 items to over 1500 items. Hopefully I will see some product movement, but usually January is a tough month business wise with the Christmas holiday hangover – the credit card bills start rolling in. My movement on product is more about preparing for February thru April to ensure good product isĀ  available during the tax refund season. I may look at running a sale next week to see if I can squeeze some dollars out of some pockets.

I am still on the struggle bus with eBay, only having right at 680 products for sale. The biggest issue has been finding the right application that will work with my online website juststuffisell.com. I need to find some product that can efficiently migrate product from the Shopify based platform to eBay without it costing a mint. I have about 1800 or so products I need to get migrated into eBay, but just can’t get it done efficiently so far with the products that I have tested out. I am working on a 4th product now, but a lot of this week has been spent on the wrong things. Documentation for USPS and driving around town, dealing with Shopify product errors, ugh…more productivity please.

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