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What A USPS Employee Advised Me To Do – USPS Delivering for America Plan

January 18th, 2023

One of the wonderful things about having to reach out to USPS customer service is in fact the caring individuals with whom I have had the opportunity to speak with regarding this matter. There are a tremendous number of things that are at the Post Masters discretion relative to policy. The mailbox issue is one of them. It is my understanding that the Sparta Post Master has the authority to determine whether or not this policy is enforced as it relates to package delivery and pickup. I rent a PO Box for mail, we have all of our mail sent to this PO Box address, so I do not need a mailbox for my personal mail. What I need is for the Post Master of Sparta to actually deliver my packages, and what I need most importantly, is for the Post Master of Sparta NC to require his route driver to pick up my business packages when I have outbound shipments. I respect his objection to not deliver packages, and the policy he is using for that, even though I disagree with him, what I cannot abide with is what I consider the abuse of that policy to refuse to serve my business needs, which is what the Post Master is doing.

The last two USPS customer service representatives understood completely this last part and cannot understand why the Sparta NC Post Master is actually refusing to pick up my business packages for outbound shipment. I was advised that the only way to force change, was going to be documentation. That I must request a package pickup every time I needed one. Document it. Require a response from USPS ( I assume she means Sparta USPS, Greensboro USPS and the Charlotte USPS representatives). Escalate it. Require a response and repeat this process until I had enough documentation to move forward with a filing with the Consumer Advocate office for USPS. At that time, it is my understanding that all parties involved in the communication process related to this issue will be contacted and made to justify their policy stance. If I wanted to attempt to Escalate the matter in an effort to bring it to the attention of the office of the Post Master General, this would be the time to do that.


1/19/23 – I have updated this post with relevant details below and a few tweaks above. As I said in my phone conversation today with another wonderful USPS CSR, I don’t want to see anyone get fired or anything like that, I really just want my packages picked up when I submit a package pickup request. My hope is, if I make enough noise, someone will reach out to the Sparta NC Post Master and say “You need to make this go away”, because I think that is the only thing that will change anything. Granted, it could end up, USPS as a whole is just to big to change no matter how committed they are to changing. I don’t know. Only time will tell.


My address collection for the Post Office

NC Greensboro USPS Consumer Affairs Phone number: 336-668-1246

Consumer Advocate USPS
Office of the Consumer Advocate
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington DC 20260-2200

– and –

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy
USPS – Headquarters
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington DC 20260-0010

I also plan to cc relevant key members of the Executive Leadership team whom I believe are tasked with the USPS Delivering for America plan. I am of the opinion they would have some interest in my situation and I figure if I get the attention of 1 of them it will get where it needs to go. So I will make an effort to bring them into the loop on this issue;

Joshua D. Colin
Chief Retail and Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President

Jacqueline Krage Strako
Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President

Steven W. Monteith
Chief Customer and Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President

Douglas Tulino
Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Human Resources Officer

Luke T. Grossmann
Senior Vice President, Finance and Strategy

Scott Raymond
Vice President, Retail and Delivery Operations–Atlantic Area

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