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Available Inventory For Sale as of Today

January 18th, 2023

I have most of my available inventory listed on my main hub site JustStuffISell.com

Unfortunately, my eCommerce platform panel does not give me a place where I can quickly identify how many products I have available. I’m pretty sure it is close to 2200 or so available bits. You can visit JustStuffISell.com to see the types of products I deal in. I have a Storage locker full of additional inventory that I have not listed as well as a lot of additional inventory to be listed here in my office. All of this shake down by the Sparta USPS has been a distraction and the lost time driving every day just creates unnecessary inefficiency.

I have not renewed a lot of my Etsy inventory, but that is intentional. A lot of the bits are not inexpensive so waiting until those tax refunds start rolling out before spending the money.

Again with eBay I am still trying to decide how deep to get at the moment. The next store level more than doubles the price of the store plus I am presently dealing with an issue of how to efficiently get my juststuffisell.com website inventory moved into eBay efficiently. The platform host did away with a pretty good eBay app which has led to a few issues. Compounds my initial work load and I really want to get more merch available before those tax refunds really start hitting.

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