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1st Package Pickup Request for 1-23-22 Conf. WEC488925634

December 23rd, 2022

Note: This post has been backdated from the original time it was written to properly provide a context to the posts that follow it;

On December 22nd, I had two orders come in that needed to be shipped. We were headed out of town for the Christmas holiday to spend time with our children and I thought, with the arrangements I had with the Post Master, that this was the perfect time to start package our picked up arrangement. So I had 1 priority mail package and one LP being shipped out. I don’t recall the order value. The evening of the 22nd I put in a package pickup request. Before we left the morning of the 23rd, I put those packages in the mailbox outside my office building for pickup.

Confirmation number WEC488925634

This is the package pickup request:

When we return from Wilmington NC, both my packages were still sitting in the parcel mailbox not picked up. Given my shipments were now 4 days late, boy was I livid as anyone who sells online with eBay or Etsy knows that late shipments impact future visibility and sales online and can result in negative feedback for your business and lost customers!

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